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How Long Does it Really Take to Settle Into a New Country?

After moving to Switzerland, I was keen to find out how long it would take to settle in. Responses like “five years,” or “wait till you have kids” filled me with dread. I didn’t want to spend so long feeling lonely and unsettled, or like I “had” to have children to join the community.


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Opinion: What I’ve learnt from living in Switzerland

It’s possible to have a strong national identity without being able to communicate with your countrymen Switzerland may have four national languages but don’t expect everyone to speak more than one of them. One of the most surprising things for me on moving to Switzerland was how stark the linguistic division is between the French and German parts.

14 mistakes foreigners make on moving to Switzerland

1. Staying in the city on a Sunday. Swiss cities can be like ghost towns on Sundays. With little open, it’s far better to make like the Swiss and escape to the mountains and lakes to hike (which is the Swiss national sport), swim and soak up the glorious scenery.

43 habits you pick up living in Switzerland

Switzerland is well known as a place where rules are important, but it’s also quite big on personal liberties… as long as you follow the rules. As well as learning plain old punctuality in the land of clocks and watches, there are plenty of local customs, habits and codes of conduct you’re likely to pick up when you live here.

Living in Switzerland as a foreign national

Life in Switzerland. Here you will find answers to questions regarding the immigration – entry, living and working in Switzerland, changing residence, land purchases, taxation, social security, laws, special courses for foreign children.

Pros and cons of living in Switzerland? You’ll wanna read this.

Moving abroad is a huge undertaking, even though people do it for so many reasons: for work, to go to school, to follow love or just to find a new adventure. If you’ve ever thought about moving abroad, you probably realize how much work and research it takes to find a place that you can happily and comfortably call your new home.

Expat Guide for working and living in Switzerland

Are you an expat working and living in Switzerland? Or are you preparing to move soon to Zurich, Bern or any other of the Swiss international hotspots? Expat life in Switzerland has much to offer and provides a great intercultural experience – from discovering the countryside like the mountain resort of Zermatt, learning how Swiss people celebrate the Schweizer Nationalfeiertag, up to tasting Switzerland’s favorite dishes such as rösti.

5 years living in Switzerland convinced me that it’s a great place to be an American expat

My family and I moved to a small town just outside of Zurich when I was younger and lived there for five years. Switzerland had the fifth highest GDP per capita in the world at $84,815 in 2013, coming in close behind the Macao region in China, Qatar, Norway, and Luxembourg.

How is Life in Switzerland – Our Experience

Wondering how is life in Switzerland? Find our honest opinion on life in Switzerland along with some statistical facts in the blog post below! It was 4 and a half years ago when we packed our stuff and started our car engine towards Zurich.

What is it like living in Switzerland as an immigrant?

Answer (1 of 11): I was not an immigrant, but I was an expat for a year. I initially lived in St. Gallen with my girlfriend, then eventually we both moved to Zug. My girlfriend was Swiss, and at the time I had no idea that moving 45 minutes away, by train, was such a big deal.

Living in Switzerland? | Daily Life, Work, School, Money

If you are considering to move to Switzerland or if you are already here and curious about life in Switzerland, this video is for you! I talked about visas, universities, finding a job, currency, language, money, salaries and some random facts about life in Switzerland. Hope you’ll find it useful!

14 Expats Talk about What It’s Like Living in Switzerland

Summary: Expats in Switzerland advise newcomers to join a few expat clubs, learn German (or French / Italian), enjoy the outdoors and travel Europe. Expats living in Switzerland talked about meeting people in Switzerland and local clubs and organizations: In Zug, expat organizations include International Mum & Kids Club, Zug International Women’s Club, International Mens Club and Cricket Switzerland.

English Forum Switzerland

Welcome to English Forum Switzerland, the English-language community website for Switzerland. We have over 30,000 English-speaking members. Discussion forum overview My fault, yes they do exist and to my displeasure my -ex- had one last year and was asking me if I knew anyone who wanted to buy it.

English Forum Switzerland – Discussions about living in Switzerland

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