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    • Have you visited the Chnorren before? Taking a hike on the Chnorren in the canton of #Glarus is well worth it. The views from the ridge are awe-inspiring enough, as you can see in this photo from @alpine_treasures, and the hike will take you up and over a steep, rocky but impressive south ridge. Nestled between Churfirsten and the Alvier region, the area around Glarus is more than a maze of hiking and climbing routes. The cyclists among you will find paradise on Flumserberg in summer time. And what better way to end a strenuous day of hiking or cycling than with a refreshing dip in Walensee. Thanks for the photo!
    • Welcome to the Pays-d’Enhaut valley! Home to the authentic village of Rougemont. The village certainly enjoys a long history: #Rougement church was built by monks in the 11th century and remains a real gem of roman architecture. There was even once a monastery, and the church, which is a protected historical monument, and adjoining castle are built on its foundations. If that's not enough history for you, the people of this region have been farming and creating local crafts here for over 1,000 years. Plants and animals typical to the Alps thrive in this vast landscape, as you can see in this photo from @mountains_rocks.
    • How about a visit in the sunniest town in Switzerland? Boasting the Tourbillon and Valeria castles, Sion is unmistakeable, even from afar, as this photo from @marcoschnyder shows. By the way, the castle church of Valeria hides the world's oldest playable organ. These castles may be the hallmarks of the capital of @valaiswallis, but the 7,000-year-old city has plenty more to catch the eye. Numerous monuments in @sionmaville and the many museums invite you to come and visit to see for yourself. And thanks to Switzerland's largest bus station, it takes no time at all to get out into the charming Valais side valleys to enjoy all sorts of hiking – for example through a vineyard. Sion is situated in the heart of one of Switzerland’s most important wine-growing areas. Fendant, a white wine from the region, is particularly popular and coveted. Thanks for the great photo!
    • The Mythen region in the heart of Central Switzerland is quick and easy to reach from any which direction. Lying between #Schwyz and @einsiedeln_ybrig_zuerichsee, the #Mythenregion is full of diverse hiking and climbing routes. For example, the hike on the Grosser Mythen is a true highlight, and you will be rewarded at the peak with an impressive 360° panorama. Your breath will be taken away by the views at night time too, with a backdrop of the Milky Way like the one in this photo from @lukas.schlagenhauf . The many Alpine farms in the region mean you will be spoiled with culinary delights at any time of year.
    • Handeckfall Bridge is as impressive as it is breath taking, as seen in the photo here from @simone_agliati. At 1,310m above sea level, this suspension bridge in @grimselwelt hangs 70m above the river, offering a spectacular view of the waterfall, as well as an ideal way of getting to Hotel Handeck. Back in 1850, the world-famous traveller Karl Baedeker had already declared the waterfall, along with Hotel Handeck, as a sight worth seeing. This remains unchanged in 2019.
    • Beatenberg in the Bernese Oberland @madeinbern has a unique view of the Bernese Alps and their peaks. Lying above the deep-blue Lake Thun, the best feature of Beatenberg is its location. From the sun terrace, the panorama of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau peaks is particularly amazing. Just 10km by road from Interlaken, Beatenberg is the ideal base for summer-time excursions through the upland moors and karst formations. You can even take the cable car to Niederhorn, at 1,950m above sea level. In Spring, the landscape transforms into a sea of crocuses, as you can see in this great photo by @japhotographie.
    • Do you know where the world's oldest playable organ – built in 1430 – is? The Valère basilica in Sion. The medieval urban landscape of @sionmaville is watched over by Notre-Dame de Valère, a pilgrimage church perched on the Valère rocks, and Tourbillon Castle, a former bishops' palace from the 13th century. The old town is just as captivating, with architecture and buildings from different eras that you simply have to see, such as the 15th-century Sion Cathedral, featuring a Roman tower that dates back to the 12th century. Construction of St Theodul church began in the Late Gothic period and was finally completed two centuries later. The town hall, built in the Renaissance style, has a stone staircase featuring Roman inscriptions. The astronomical clock in the town hall tower is particularly eye catching. Thanks for the photo, @lioneljacquier.